Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Rainbow-Themed Party

I love this bright Rainbow-Themed Party that the gals from The Savvy Mom's Guide put together. Their colorful ideas would be great for a St. Patrick's Day celebration or for a child's birthday party. Here are some of the ideas that Brianna and Amy came up with:

Incorporate LOTS of color using colorful paper lanterns or balloons to create a colorful backdrop or focal point for your party.

Be create with your seating. Here, tree stumps dressed up with rainbow streamers were used for seating. Brillant!

Style and set your table with a white tablecloth and colorful party ware. This table setting was created by using inexpensive solid color plates, napkins, and cups, alternating each place setting for each color in the rainbow. For placemats, solid color 12x12 sheets of scrapbook paper were used.

Accessorize your table. Solid color grosgrain ribbon in every color of the rainbow can be used to create a table runner. Add more color and fun to your table with yummy fruit drinks in glass bottles and delicious desserts. Brianna and Amy used the Rainbow Collection from The Tomkat Studio's printables line to help accessorize the table as well.

The Rainbow Cupcakes recipe that I posted yesterday would also be a great addition to this party!

So many great ideas and so much room for your own creativity to play into this fabulous themed party. Thanks for all of the inspiration and ideas, Brianna and Amy! You can see more of their Rainbow Party ideas at Celebrations, here.

Party by Brianna Van Lierop and Amy Kelly of The Savvy Mom's Guide
Photography- Racz Photography


  1. Thank You so very much for sharing Sarah! Smiles~Amy & Bri

  2. I am loving all the rainbows right now! it's getting me out of my winter funk!

  3. Me too! So bright and warm...I need WARM!

  4. Link for the cookie recipe please?:)