Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools' Day Recipes

Any fun tricks up your sleeve for April Fools' Day tomorrow? Here are some tricky recipe ideas that are sure to FOOL your family and bring some fun to the day.

These fake-out desserts from the Food Network Magazine are sure to trick your loved ones and friends:

1. April Fools' Sushi (Rice Krispies Nuggets)
2. April Fools' Crab Cakes (Fried Ice Cream)
3. April Fools' Fries (Cinnamon-Sugar Sticks)
4. April Fools' Lasagna (Banana Pudding Cake)

This April Fools' Berry Soda Recipe from Taste of Home looks like a tasty berry beverage ready to be sipped. It's actually a tricky cup of gelatin so keep a spoon handy!

Taco Salad for dessert? Your little ones will love these tricky ice cream waffle bowls from Taste of Home once they realize you really ARE serving dessert.

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  1. You found some really great ideas. I linked to this blog on my facebook page so my fans could check it out, too.