Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Party Inspiration} A Library-Themed Party

Did you see this party idea in the latest issue of Family Fun Magazine? Host a Library-Themed Party! Whether it's for a birthday party, playdate, or just with your own kiddos, Family Fun has provided some wonderful ideas and tools to help make this party a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. Here are some tips and tools for putting your Library-themed party together:

Party Invite:
Make sure guests know the date they're due at your party! Print these invitations, then stamp the date of the event using an old-school rotating date stamp and write in the party details, using your best penmanship. Insert the cards in manila envelopes cut to resemble the pockets traditionally stuck inside a library book's cover and deliver! (You can find the rotating date stamp online or at office supply stores)

Set the Scene:
Since enjoying books together is the main party activity, set up a nook with a rug and pillows (they used tacky glue to attach felt letters to pillow forms). Display faves from your collection and from the local library.

Library Cards:
Give each guest an official-looking card, filled out with her name and the date. Appoint a librarian (an ideal job for an older sibling) to stamp the card each time a guest checks out a book to read at the party. Patrons who collect five or more stamps can be rewarded with inexpensive books or other take-home goodies.

Worms are delicious — when they're bookworms made from crispy rice and marshmallows! Kids will LOVE snacking on these while they enjoy reading or listening to a good book! You can find the recipe and instructions, here.

Party Favors:
Send your guests home prepared for their next visit to the library. These Stamped Book Bags are inexpensive and easy to make. Instructions can be found here.

This has to be one of my favorite theme ideas in awhile, especially for a playdate. It is inexpensive and easy to put together AND it encourages one of my favorite activities to do with a child--READ!


  1. I love it when you can read a fun story with a little one and come up with a creative, yummy snack to go along with it!

  2. The library card and invitation are exactly what I needed. BUT when I click to go print the invitation I am sent to the Disney site. Okay where do I go from there? I have looked thru crafts, activities and even the search and I can not find the card or invitation anywhere. Can you please tell me exactly where I need to go?