Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Easy & Inexpensive DIY St. Patrick's Day Party Table

With St. Patrick's Day just a little over a week away, I thought that I would put together some easy ideas and tips to help you create a St. Patrick's Day Party Table set-up without having to spend a lot of time or money. I was able to create a cute party table using items that I already had at home and then adding in a few inexpensive, DIY "extras".

I decided that I wanted to use the traditional St. Patrick's Day decor of shamrocks and shades of green as well as some rainbow elements to brighten up the party table. I started by using a basic white tablecloth to cover my table. I have some great green dessert plates my Grandmother gave me several years ago that I decided would be perfect for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. I layered these with a smaller glass dessert plate and then added a homemade cup of Rainbow Jell-O (DIY instructions to come later this week). The result was a colorful place setting that cost next-to-nothing and is really easy to re-create!

I had some green polka-dotted napkins leftover from the summer that I dressed up with a DIY Rainbow Napkin Ring and a handmade shamrock topper (Sheek Shindigs Etsy Shop)to add some of the rainbow elements that I wanted to incorporate into the table's set-up.

For the table centerpiece, I put multi-colored gumballs that I had leftover from another event into glass vessels and added cut-out Rainbows to each one using Love the Day's free St. Patrick's Day printable download. Skittles, gold "coins" or any other colorful candy or trinket that you have at home would also work well. And, if you don't have glass vessels, use a clear vase.

I used clementines with DIY rainbow flags, snow cone holders, small green paper bags, ribbon, and some easy-to-make chocolate covered pretzels to add a few more fun elements to the table. With the exception of the rainbow Jell-O cups and chocolate-covered pretzels, I was literally able to put this table together, start to finish, while my youngest two napped.

By using similar items that you have around your house, you can easily re-create this St. Patrick's Day Party Table for a playdate, classroom party, or family celebration. Stay tuned for DIY instructions for the Rainbow Jell-O Cups, chocolate-covered pretzels, rainbow napkin rings, and favor bags later this week!


  1. How sweet would this be for the kids when they get home from school!

  2. The table looks great! Love the rainbow details!

  3. You are so creative! I love everything, and I'm a sucker for an inexpensive but adorable DIY party table!

  4. I love your wild creativity on doing this stuff. I am not good in table decorating as I always call my mom when doing this thing. But upon seeing your wonderful table decor, you inspired a lot. I'll try decorating our Easter table on my own and I'll be visiting your blog as often as I can so I'll be updated from your wonderful and great ideas.

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  5. A-dorable!! I'm sharing this in a 5 for Friday roundup of St. Patrick's Parties on my blog today, including a pic and link back to this post. So fun!

  6. What great decorations! I love the idea of going beyond St. Patrick's Day green to incorporate rainbows. What kid wouldn't enjoy celebrating with rainbow jello and giant gumballs! I've also seen the idea of using a different colors of food dye in pancakes to make a rainbow stack for breakfast. Fun!