Monday, June 6, 2011

Light Up Your Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties and Summer go hand-in-hand. Here are some creative Outdoor Lighting Ideas to keep your party going strong long after the sun goes down.

An Abundance of Lanterns: The more the better!
Group a cluster of lit lanterns together to create a romantic midsummer night's mood.

Electric Lighting Options:
There are so many great electric lighting options out there if the element of fire is not a safe party option (especially if small children are going to be running around!). Bring a table lamp outdoors to brighten up a buffet. Use string lights to add color and glow to your setting and get out those stored away holiday lights to wrap columns and trees for some added fun!

{Image: Real Simple}

Eco-Friendly Lighting:
Grab some glass jars and wire that you already have at home to create this Eco-friendly lighting option. Simply wrap wire around the lips of your glass jars, bending a length of wire over the top to use as a handle, and then tie each wire handle to the length of twine, string, or small chains at even intervals and hang.

A Faux Glow:
Faux candles and lanterns (OXO Candela DemiGlow Rechargeable LED Lights) are another alternative option if you plan on staying away from candles. They can provide hours of illumination to your outdoor shindig and can be recharged and reused again and again.

Origami Lanterns:
These colorful lanterns are origami "balloons" that have been fashioned around battery-operated lights, hung from bamboo poles, and finished off with ribbons. You can find DIY directions at Martha Stewart, here.

Large Hanging Lanterns:
Fill various lanterns with votives, tea lights, and tapers and hang to create a warm glow over your guests. Sand, rocks, and rose petals are just some "filler" options to help secure your candles and dress up the bottom of your lanterns.


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