Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Printable "Booed" Sign {TomKat}

October is just a few short days away and on our street, that means that the Halloween "Booing" is about to begin. Each year someone starts the tradition by "Booing" a house with lots of fun Halloween treats (toys, candy, decorations, stickers, glow sticks...) for the kids. The Booed house then has to Boo another house and the tradition contiues until every house on our street has been "Booed". The kids love it and have so much fun trying to figure out who Booed who.

Kim of The TomKat Studio posted a FREE printable Boo Sign and Instructions a couple of weeks ago. Aren't they cute!


If your street or group of friends doesn't already do this Halloween tradition, give it a try and start the Booing. I gaurantee that your kids will LOVE IT and that it will stick for years to come.

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