Thursday, September 23, 2010

Naturally Beautiful Fall Table Setting

This month's issue of Better Homes and Gardens features some great fall decorating ideas! One of my favorites is this Natural Fall Table Setting. BHG shows you how to use ginkgo leaves, crab apples, wheat, and the beautiful golden backdrop that nature provides to create a serene, autumn entertaining space for you and your guests.

Don't rake those leaves! Let nature provide a natural "carpet" for your setting.

You can mimic this natural fall table setting by using white plates and tan linen napkins to create a crisp and neutral background. Place Ginkgo leaves on a frayed piece of burlap at each place setting for a bright yellow accent and use mini white pumpkins for candlestick holders.

I love this "self-service" idea: Bundle each flatware setting with ivory ribbon, then stand them in a glass bowl filled with uncooked white rice. So simple, yet such an elegant look.

And finally, for all of those extra details (table centerpieces and decor around your table), gather sprigs of crab apples, white and yellow gourds, pumpkin seeds, white beans, tall wheat stalks, and white pumpkins to arrange in glass bowls and vases and display around your natural setting.

All photo images come from Better Homes and Gardens.

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