Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Button Bouquet Tutorial

While both of my boys were at school and my husband was at home with our little princess, I was able to sneak out the other day for an hour to the fabric store. It was total BLISS! I loved every minute of it and could have spent many, many more hours there if time had allowed. I was looking for fabric for my son's upcoming birthday party when I came across some beautiful buttons and felt flowers. My focus then turned to "What can I do with these?". Here is what I came up with: Button Bouquets

These were put into a clay flower pot with spanish moss on top.

I put these into "grass" with floral foam underneath.

I think that these bouquets would be so cute on the table for decoration at a little girl's birthday party. They can be made to coordinate with the colors for your event and they are really easy to make.

Here is what you need:

- Assorted buttons and flowers
- Floral Wire
- Wire Cutters or scissors

To assemble, simply Cut wire into 3 sizes (for varied stem lenghts) 15", 14",and 12". Stack buttons and flwoers to create your desired look. Fold the wire in half (to form a U-shape) and from the top of the buttons down, insert and weave the wire into the button holes. Twist wires together to form stem.

You can insert the wire stems into floral foam and cover with spanish moss or "grass".


  1. oh so easy and cute! thanks for sharing!

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