Sunday, September 12, 2010

{Pottery Barn Kids} Halloween Inspiration

Okay, I just can't stand it anymore. I can't wait any longer to start posting some of the fun Halloween ideas and finds that I have come across. I was looking through my new Pottery Barn Kids catalog tonight and got so giddy over some of their Halloween scenes and items that I decided to back down from my original plan to wait until the end of September to start my Halloween posts. So, I will let Pottery Barn Kids' photos be the starting point for this year's Halloween Inspiration.

I love the wooden "Boo" letters. They are simple, yet SO CUTE! This would be an easy DIY craft. Just find some wooden letters at your local craft store, paint them your desired color/colors, and you've got one fabulous BOO!

I want to be invited to this party. The chairbackers are great.

Aren't these cupcakes cute. Do you think that is coconut on top?

Happy Lanterns. They make me smile. These would be great for a party with younger children...not too scary!

Aaahhhh. I feel so much better now that I was able to share some of my Halloween excitement. Can't wait to share more! I would love to see some of your ideas as well.

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