Wednesday, December 14, 2011

{Party Ideas} A Snowman Themed Party

In need of a versatile holiday or winter theme for your next shindig? How about hosting a Snowman Themed Party. Whether you are hosting a non-religious holiday party or a winter celebration, you can't go wrong with a few jolly snowmen (and women) on your side.

Snowman Themed Food: From a Frosty glass of milk to a shot of snowman ice cream, here are some fun snowman themed snack ideas for your party.
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Snowman Crafts: If there is snow on the ground, suit the kiddos up and let them create a winter wonderland of snowmen and women. If not, here are some snowman craft ideas that should be almost as much fun.
{Images and Sources: Kaboose , Kaboose , Family Fun , Kid Activities }
Snowman Activity: Set up a Build Your Own Snowman station for little ones to create their own frosty snow creatures. Stack marshmallows (skewered with tooth picks) onto a graham cracker with a thin layer of frosting. Use pretzel sticks for arms, chocolate chips for eyes and buttons, and orange jelly beans for a carrot nose.

Snowman Favors: Send your guests home with a snowman-to-go favor. Here are a few of my favorites.

{Image and Source Links: Add Ink and StampMarried, Broke, and Hungry , Bakerella }


  1. All these snowman are sooooo CUTE! I especially love the clear bowl (with what looks like yummy milky eggnog).

  2. My heart is melting for all these snowman ideas!

  3. The clear punch bowl snowman is one of my favorites too!