Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Wreaths...BUY or DIY?

Need to add to your fall decor? A wreath is the perfect accessory, whether hanging from your front door or a mirror in your entry way. There are some great DIY tutorials out there for those of you that are feeling crafty and lots of fun etsy options if you just want to BUY.

{Image: ItzFitz}
{Image: TwoLauras}
{Image: S.A.S. Interiors}
{Image: In My Own Style}
{Image: Two Inspire You}

Are you going to (or did you) BUY or DIY your fall wreath?


  1. Making mine myself, of course! With all the tutorials out there, how could you not?! (:

  2. Michaels had the best sale ever, at 70% off it was impossible to resist!

  3. Love them all. I'll have to think about (and check the wallet) the answer to the question, though.