Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ombre Cake Balls Cake

This weekend Sheek Shindigs is helping out with a local fundraising event. In addition to designing a dessert table for the event, I am donating 150 cake balls. {YIKES!} Needless to say, cake balls have been on my mind A LOT over the past couple of days. I have rolled, dipped, and decorated myself a new appreciation for the art of making cake balls. While I am happy with the way that mine turned out, they are by no means perfect. I am not sure how the pros get theirs to look so round and flawless? I guess practice, practice, practice.

Anyway, in my search for cake ball inspiration I came across this amazing Ombre Cake Balls Cake by Gabbi Loubiere of Brew-Ha, Ha on Isn't it stunning!

To create, "Gabby baked bite-size 'balls' of cake in flavors such as tiramisu cheesecake and funfetti; then, she dipped each cake ball in white-chocolate ganache that had been dyed in pale shades of peach, blush, and yellow. The cake balls were affixed to a five-tier base and served alongside extra platters of cake balls for guests to help themselves to". I adore this idea. You could also create a cake ball "tower" using the same design and replacing the cake layers with styrofoam. Place your cake balls on a stick and then skewer/secure them into the styrofoam. It's a simple idea but I know that I have many more cake balls of practice ahead of me before I can pull off a project like that!

What other fun ways have you displayed your cake balls?


  1. I love love love this idea. Will definetly share it with the brides to be I am working with.

  2. I know. Isn't it great! I need to master cake balls so I can attempt this one for myself.

  3. Thank you! I do have a lot of fun making cake ball cakes & I'm very happy when people like them! Check out more photos on my facebook page. :)

    Gabby Loubiere, owner
    Brew Ha-Ha, Coffee Shop & Cake Ball Bakery