Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{Etsy Shop} Edible Image Ideas

 A few months back I added a new product to the Sheek Shindigs etsy shop, Edible Images. Edible Images are flat-printed edible designs that can easily be applied to many different food items, such as cakes and cookies, for a professional looking finish. To apply, you simply remove the design image from the backing sheet and apply to your food item. When placed on your food product, these edible designs absorb moisture from the food product and becomes soft, blending in with the food item. The result is an exact, colorful rendition of the original image in a completely edible format! The Sheek Shindigs etsy shop currently has two different designs in stock:  Carnival Themed Edible Image sets and Superhero/Comics Themed sets. You can check them out in the Sheek Shindigs etsy shop, here.

I thought that I would share two different ideas for decorating with these edible images. The first idea uses the Carnival Themed Sheets to make fun and festive Mini Carnival Sandwich Cookies. Aren't these cute! They just make me smile.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

To make:

1. Prepare your favorite cookies or use pre-made. You will need 3 cookies for each sandwich.
2. Top your first cookie with an icing "filling" (color of your choice) and place the second cookie on top. Place another layer of icing on the second cookie.
3. Take your third cookie and attach a carnival themed image using icing or rolled out white fondant.
4. Add the third cookie to the top of your sandwich stack.

The second edible image idea uses the Superhero/Comic edible image set to add bling to an Embellished Superhero Cake. Cake decorating not your thing? No problem! Start off with a  cake purchased from your local bakery and just add these SUPER embellishments yourself.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

To make:

1. Make a cake and cover with fondant or icing, your choice.
2. Roll out white fondant and attach the Superhero/Comic images to fondant using a light application of lemon juice. When the liquid has dried, cut the images with scalloped or plain circle cutters.
3. Let fondant pieces dry overnight.
4. Attach image-covered fondant pieces to cake with dabs of icing.
Have fun!


  1. Wow, you mean even cookies made by ME(!) can actually look this fabulous, thanks to Edible Images?!