Monday, May 9, 2011

{Party Ideas} A Candy Land-Inspired Party

Did you see this Candy Land-inspired party in the May issue of Parents Magazine? Love it! This Land 'o Candy Birthday Party is colorful, creative, and full of great, easily re-creatable DIY ideas to make your child's next birthday party a sweet one!

No Land 'o Candy Birthday would be complete without life-sized....CANDY! How creative are these Balloon Lollipops (made by wrapping regular balloons in cellophane and attaching to a paper tube stick) and Wall Candies (made by taping together two plastic plates, wrapping in cellophane, and tying the ends with ribbon)? Genius!

My favorite element is the Candy Land-inspired colorful pathway of squares. Not only does this element add color and clarity to the party's overall theme, but it is totally functional as well! With the help of a deck of cards from the Candy Land game, your fabulous party prop turns into a real-life version of the game that your guests can participate in and enjoy.

And don't forget the cake and favors!

To see all of this party's details, tips, and DIY instructions, visit Parents here.


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  4. Love this idea!! So cute!! but I have to ask, how do you get the "lollipops" to stay upright? Do you tape the wrapping paper roll to the floor?? or is there a more clever way to keep them upright and so kids don't trip over something or I'm not peeling tape off my floors. thank you!