Monday, January 24, 2011

{Valentine's Day} Give a "Green" Gift

Here is a great gift alternative to a dozen roses this Valentine's Day: give a plant instead. There are so many beautiful indoor varieties (including some that can be planted outside in the spring) and they will last much longer than a cut bouquet. I found this great DIY idea from Martha Stewart on how to dress your plant gift up:

Tools and Materials
5 1/8-by-3 1/8-by-10 5/8-inch brown-paper lunch bags
Standard scissors
Flowering plant in plastic container
Decorative scissors
Ribbon (optional)
Double-sided tape or glue
Skewer (optional)

Valentine's Day Plant Gift How-To
1. Cut off the top portion of a paper bag so that it stands slightly taller than the plant. Cut and embellish the bag as desired. If desired, cut out hearts at the corners. (You can easily do this by folding the bag so all the corners meet up. Then, cut half of a heart so that when you open the bag, there are hearts at the four corners.) For a threaded-ribbon version, lay the cut bottom part of the bag flat. Pick up the center of the bag, and make a fold. Find the center of the fold, and make a vertical cut on either side. Continue cutting in even increments until you've made six cuts across. Open up the bag, and thread it with ribbon.

2. Use a second paper bag to cut out the handle, doubling the paper for strength and gluing or taping together the two paper layers. Tape or glue each end of the handle to the bag to make a basket. Cut a piece of cardboard to line the bottom for support. Write your greeting on the bag. Or, with excess paper, cut out a heart, and write a Valentine's Day greeting on it; then tape to a skewer, and stick it in the plant.

Wouldn't these be great for teachers' gifts! And the kids would enjoy helping out with this craft as well. Enjoy!


  1. WOW.its really very beautiful gift. I loved it. Gift is great way of showing your love & emotions. We can also plan some personalized gift on special occasion like birthday, anniversary etc.