Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Healthy Holiday Snacks

As much as I love to bake and make yummy treats for my family and friends during the holiday season, it is always so refreshing to attend a holiday celebration where sugar isn't the main attraction. Here are some festive holiday snacks that will appeal to you AND the kids and won't leave everyone feeling all "sugared- up".

Photos taken from Family Fun

1. The Wrap 'n' Stack Sandwich Tree is made from mini sandwiches and trimmed with colorful vegetables, a healthy alternative to the usual array of holiday sweets.
Tree-Trim Trail Mix, inspired by the traditional holiday garland, turns a medley of good-for-you ingredients into a delicious cinnamon-scented treat. Boasting fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, it's wholesome enough to please parents and tasty enough to distract kids from all those candy canes!
3. Forget the front door. These bite-size Mini Bagel Wreaths--whimsical enough to appeal to the smallest (and finickiest) guests--are meant to deck your plate. To make them, spread mini bagel halves with cream cheese (plain or tinted green with herbs or food coloring), then sprinkle on red, yellow, and green bell-pepper confetti.
4. Dress up your cheese and crackers this holiday season with a
Christams Package Cheese Snack.
5. A
Pine-Tree (made from a pineapple) laden with colorful fruit kabob branches would make a great edible centerpiece.
6. Holiday Cucumber Cups are the perfect accessory for your holiday spreads and dips. Using a vegetable peeler, create decorative stripes on the sides of cucumber and then slice cucumbers into 3/4 inch thick rounds. Scoop out cucumber seeds, fill with desired spread, dip, or hummus, and serve.

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