Monday, July 26, 2010

Easy Paper Pouches

With a few easy folds, you can turn plain paper into super cute pouches for serving fruit and other snacks to your guests. Use sheets of glassine and parchment paper for moist foods, such as fruit. You can also incorporate printed paper to go along with your event's theme and color scheme. These pouches would be especially wonderful for events with small children (pre-packaged snacks can be a huge help to the supervising adults!). See directions below.

For each cup, start with one sheet each of glassine and parchment paper. Cut whichever sheet will form the inside of the cup to 9 1/2 inches square; cut the other to 10 inches square. Center the small sheet on top of the large sheet, and attach in center with a piece of double-sided tape.

Fold square in half to form a triangle.

Fold bottom-right corner to left side.

Fold bottom-left corner to right side.

Fold front top points over front of cup, then rear top points behind back. To complete, hold top of cup open with one hand, then gently press bottom seam up at the center with other hand.

Images and directions are from Martha Stewart.

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  1. Great ideas! I look forward doing them myself, I'm fond of DIY's!:)...following you from MBC.:)

    ...would ♥ to hear from you! :)