Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Boutique Tents...Couture Cabanas with Classic American Style

Boutique Tents was going to be this week's Fab Find (and it still may be) BUT I just couldn't wait until Friday to post about them. Anne Girault of Boutique Tents "seeks to impart classic style and a touch of whimsy to each pavilion she creates" and let me tell you, she does! Anne puts 10 years of sewing experience and her training in fine arts and interior design to amazing use by designing and crafting these OH SO SHEEK tents.

Boutique Tents offers a collection of 8 designer tents as well as a custom design service. These would fabulous for any special occasion... wedding, reception, baby shower...the list goes on. These gems would add color, visual interest, and an amazing custom ambiance to any event. You can check them out here.