Friday, January 13, 2012

{Crafty Ideas} A Handcrafted Valentine's Day

Is Valentine's Day on your party radar yet? If not, don't worry. You still have plenty of time to plan and I promise to post some great Valentine's Day inspiration in the coming weeks. I will start by sharing some wonderful ideas from Fiskars and Lisa Storms on how to add handcrafted touches to your Valentine's Day celebrations. Want to add a little extra personality and customization to your party? A great way to do this is by adding handcrafted items.

Lisa used a few simple items and crafting ideas to create this adorable Valentine's Day table setting. To start off, she created a simple table runner from paper, not fabric. Using a roll of craft paper and Fiskar's "Framed In Love" border punch Lisa rolled out the paper, cut it to size, and punched both sides with the border punch. So simple. So easy. So cute!

Next, Lisa created an ADORABLE placemat that also doubles as a table activity for the kids. Lisa  stitched a tic-tac-toe grid onto a woven placemat and provided X's and O's "confetti" along the table for decoration and game functionality. She also suggested an alternative and less expensive  way to achieve a similar result: draw a tic-tac-toe grid onto craft paper placemats. In addition to the placemats, Lisa added extra handcrafted touches to the drinking straws, napkins, and utensils. A butterfly squeeze punch was adhered to the drinking straws (using a glue dot) for an extra bit of whimsy. Lisa cut a napkin into a heart shape by tracing a heart onto a paper napkin with a pencil and cutting out right inside the line with scissors, being sure to overlap the folded edge. A fork was also incorporated into the decor! Lisa gently folded the napkin and cut two slits with scissors to create slots to slide a fork. By adding a triangle punch at the end with a glue dot, she ended up with an easy arrow.

Lastly, Lisa created this Pixy Stix bouquet to serve as a centerpiece and treat for the kids. Flower punches were added to the ends of Pixy Stix using the limited edition 'Spring Flora' squeeze punch along with the 'Burst' lever punch and 'Oopsie Daisy' squeeze punch. Each was then topped with a heart center. To create leaves, Lisa punched an XL circle and feed it back into the punch to form a leaf shape. She then added candy conversation hearts to a jar and anchored the Pixy Stix Flowers in.

So many great ideas for a Handcrafted Valentine's Day. Thanks to Fiskars and Lisa Storms for all of the inspiration!

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