Monday, August 8, 2011

{Party Ideas} End of Summer Celebrations, Part 3

The third, and final, End of Summer Celebration idea that I wanted to share with you is a favorite that I have been saving for some time. Although I am quite sure that having two boys has something to do with its appeal to me, this celebration idea is perfect for any summer-themed party and it is inexpensive and easy to DIY.

Today's End of Summer Celebration Idea: Host A Bug Hunt Party!

Bug themed parties have been circulating for quite some time but I though that there was just something special about this one created by  I love the creativity involved in putting this simple little party together and the fact that it can easily be re-created at an extremely affordable price! What a fun way to celebrate the end of summer with your children and a few of their friends. Other than some kid-friendly munchies, you only really need a few other inexpensive extras to pull of this Summer Celebration.

Start with a Bug Hunt: Get the party started with a Bug Hunt! Buy a bulk bag of plastic bugs and scatter them around your yard before guests arrive. Provide each guest with their own magnifying glass and set them off on their hunt! So easy, so simple, and so fun! And, if it's too hot outside, the hunt can easily be done inside.

Image: Parents
The Snack Table: Don't underestimate the power of crepe paper! This wonderfully creative table skirt was created by layering different shades of green crepe paper streamers and gluing a few plastic bugs on here and there. This definitely isn't a 5 minute project, but I bet that your kids would love to help out with creating it. At least mine would! Cover the top of your table with a green tablecloth and attach the skirt using glue, staples, or heavy tape. Then, get creative with your buggy snacks.

Image: Parents
A Few Snack Ideas: I found a few buggy snack ideas to get your started. I tried to look for some healthy choices that the kids would be excited about and that the moms would appreciate.

Wormy Cheese Dip: Wormy cheese sticks make the perfect dipper for this Spider dip holder. You can find the details on how to make this, here.

Ladybug Crackers: A little more time consuming but so cute! Click here for the recipe.

Build-a-Bug Snack Station: I love this idea from Party Ideas from Mell and Sarah. They made an idea-starter display for the table and provided all the ingredients for guests to make their own!

Image: Party Ideas By Mell and Sarah
Dirt Cup Dessert: Kids will delight when dessert time rolls around. Who doesn't love a dirt cup full of chewy worms! Visit Family Focus Blog for the recipe and how-to.

Image: Family Focus Blog

Bug Jar Favors: Put your empty mayo and peanut butter jars to good use! By adding a little grass/moss and a stick or two, you can create Bug Jar favors for your guests to take home. How cute!

Image: Parents
Have fun with this one. This is definitely going on my favorites list!

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