Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Wreath Pumpkin Chandelier

Isn't it beautiful! I love this Marth Stewart Autumn Wreath Pumpkin Chandelier. Suspended from a ceiling hook, a simple grapevine wreath adorned with colorful leaves and illuminated by tea lights set inside mini-pumpkin holders gives a warm, rustic atmosphere to an outdoor celebration.

You could use this technique to create so many different "chandeliers". For Christmas, you could use holly leaves and berries instead of leaves to create a festive chandelier. Or, use flowers for a bridal or baby shower. The possibilities are endless!


  1. very pretty, I love all her fall holiday decorating tips!

  2. Oh love this! How cute are those mini pumpkin candles on top...that would look fabulous over my outdoor table. Hmmm...

  3. I know....I am trying to come up with a place to put one. And I really don't think that it is difficult to make!