Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plastic Egg Snake Craft

Wondering what to do with all of your empty plastic eggs now that Easter has come and gone? I found this adorbale craft idea from PreschoolRock.com: Make a Plastic Egg Snake. With a little help from an adult, your preschooler can recycle their leftover plastic eggs and create this fun rattling snake toy!


- 15-20 Plastic Egg Bottoms
- 2 Whole Plastic Eggs
- Drill
- Yarn or String
- Permanent Marker
- A Few Dried Beans
- Tape


Step One: (Adult needed for this step)
Using only the bottoms of the eggs, drill a hole through each plastic egg that is big enough for your yarn or string to thread through. Next, drill a hole through the top and bottom of the 2 whole plastic eggs.

Step Two:
Thread one of the whole eggs onto the string and tie a knot so it won’t slip off. Once it’s on, put a few dried beans inside. This will be the rattling tail. Then tape egg shut.

Step Three:
Thread on the egg halves until you have achieved the desired length.

Step Four:
Thread on the other whole egg and tape it closed. Draw two eyes on it and tie off the string, leaving enough to make a tongue on your snake.

Have fun with your rattling egg snake!


  1. This is such a creative idea! Kids will love it...and mom won't be tripping over all those plastic eggs lying around after Easter!

  2. I love this idea. A great way for kids to recycle, and so cute.

  3. THANK YOU! Now I know what to do with those easter eggs - particularly timely as I am planning a safari party and can now put some snakes in the grass!!

  4. This is adorable. Great use of the plastic eggs.

  5. Amazing idea! I love it! Pinning it!

  6. We just did this and it was a lot of fun! Great success. Thank you so much for sharing. We put numbers on the eggs all the way up to twenty so we got some educational use out of it as well!